Anchorless Women is a community that enables women founders to grow.

This community can shape the way programs, training, and workplaces are designed and how advising and investment decisions are made so that women founders and the startup ecosystem can thrive.

What We Do

We facilitate connections with global advisors for necessary human capital and investment support.

The first is a series of information sessions with industry professionals, we will take founders and the community members through the topics below. The goal is to improve the founder’s ability to pitch their startup while learning the undertakings of how to effectively navigate the ecosystem.


Thinking Big & Sustainability
Project Management
Navigating Work
Guiding Technical Teams
Finance Essentials
Mental Health & Management


Fundraising Strategy

Navigating Work: HR


13.7%* of the startups that raised funding in the last 5 years had founding teams with women
*from 2016-2020, according to data maintained by Lightcastle Partners

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